Found a secret tunnel resulting in an unbelievable treasure

Egypt by no means ceases to fascinate and shock, by way of discoveries it’s undoubtedly unparalleled. And the final one is actually unbelievable. What has simply come to mild may lead archaeologists to the answer of a thriller that has as its protagonist the legendary Cleopatra.

Cleopatra’s tomb secret tunnel found

Throughout a world archaeological mission in Egypt, a land of numerous discoveries, a tunnel carved into the rock was found, positioned below the traditional Egyptian temple of Taposiris Magna, close to the town of Alexandria, which may result in the misplaced tomb of Cleopatrathe final queen of Egypt.

The gallery, hailed as a “prodigy of historical engineering approach” by the Egyptian Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities, is 1,300 meters lengthy and is positioned 13 meters deep. In lots of respects, it’s harking back to the Eupalinos tunnel on the Greek island of Samos, revered as some of the vital engineering accomplishments of the classical world.

Writer of the invention, archaeologist Kathleen Martinez of the College of Santo Domingo, who has been satisfied for over a decade that Cleopatra is the triumvir Mark Antonyher lover, have been buried contained in the temple of Taposiris Magna, whose identify means “Nice tomb of Osiris”. In line with Martinez, it is rather possible that the queen is buried there and that, if that’s the case, discovering the stays of the final pharaoh of Egypt could be “Crucial discovery of the twenty first century”. A thriller as fascinating as that of the alleged secret rooms in Tutankhamun’s tomb.

What excavations have revealed thus far

To date, excavations have revealed mummies with tongues of gold and a cemetery containing Greco-Roman model mummies buried in entrance of the temple. This might help Martinez’s principle that the realm was constructed a royal tomb. Along with the tunnel, the newest discover additionally contains two alabaster statues from the Ptolemaic period, one in every of which seems to be a sphinx, ceramic vessels and vessels.

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A part of the tunnel is also underwater, maybe because of historical earthquakes that struck the area between 320 and 1303 AD Simply these pure calamities may have led to the decline of Taposiris Magna. The analysis group believes that the foundations of the Taposiris Magna Temple could have been submerged because of at the least 23 earthquakes that hit the Egyptian coast throughout that point.

In line with what declared by Martinez, it’s the first time that tunnels and underground passages have been discovered inside the surrounding partitions of the temple. A discovery that endlessly adjustments what was recognized about structure. Additionally they got here to mild a number of vital finds inside the traditional place of worship, together with cash with the photographs and names of Queen Cleopatra, Alexander the Nice, some decapitated statues and statues of the goddess Isis.

The archaeologist, who has been engaged on the Temple of Taposiris Magna for over 15 years, believes that, following the suicide of Mark Antony following the defeat towards Caesar Augustus, often known as Octavian, Cleopatra made detailed plans for the burial of each in that place. In line with what Martinez informed Nationwide Geographic, the queen “needed to be buried with him to recall the parable of Isis and Osiris “. The cult of Osiris is, the truth is, related to loss of life and immortality, as a deceased after which reborn divinity.